The most efficient internal communication platform on the market
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Specially developed for Internal Communication professionals
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An Intouchr message is a message that always reaches its recipient
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"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place."
George Bernard Shaw
Wall of Posts
Daily messages, being able to choose to remain in first place until they are read according to their importance. Postings may contain photos, videos and links.
Consult in general or by groups what you need to know in a very simple, measurable and exportable to spreadsheet.
Private and group chats
Private messaging and the ability to organize chat groups between 2 or more users. Secure conversations with point-to-point encryption.
Tickets de Contacto
Gestión de tickets con participación de responsables según la temática del ticket. Pueden participar varias personas en la resolución del ticket con una simple interfaz de chat.
Events in Calendar
Communication of events that are fixed in the application calendar, with the option of exporting it to the personal or company calendar by pressing a simple button.
Simple to use
The platform has a friendly and powerful environment that allows a broad management of your message. Those who receive the message do not have a learning curve the first time they use the platform, since it's familiar and intuitive to use.
The communication team will have access to an administrator in which they can manage:

•   Users
•   Define user groups
•   Generate messages for the wall of posts
•   Set calendar events
•   Polls
•   Private messages
The users who will be given access to the platform will have the following services:

•   Wall of posts
•   Calendar of Events
•   Private and group chats
•   Tickets
•   Push notifications
On all devices
It is accessed via the web or as a native application for mobile devices.
It is downloaded for free from the iOS App Store for Apple and Google Play for Android.
Three Simple Steps
Those who communicate have a powerful tool available that allows them to promote their message 100% effectively. Everyone is in tune and active with what happens in the organization.
Message creation
A message can be text, photos, videos (including live video transmissions), polls, links to files or external sites.
Audience Segmentation
It is easy to choose who will receive the message, being able to select the recipient by areas, groups or individuals.
Response Measurement
It is identified in each communication or poll, who and when it interacts, and you can export results to a spreadsheet with a single click.
Digital Signage
This new module allows to communicate with digital signage devices in your company. Whether they are in the same building or a thousand miles away. Select the monitors as destiny audiences and send the messages to each one of them. The same message can be distributed to phone and monitors.
High Level Security
What happens in Intouchr remains in Intouchr. We comply with the most effective corporate security standards for information. Each client has a secure server with SSL certificates and chat services are encrypted point-to-point.
Some companies that already relied on Intouchr
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